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2013 Lotus Flower Calendar

2013 Lotus Flower Calendar
showing the individual pages and the stand that comes with the calendar

My 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar is here. Each month has a photograph of an actual paper lotus flower that I made. I made lots of lotus flowers throughout the year and photographed my favorites. I ended up with about 50 photos and had to narrow them down to just 12 for the calendar. Not only did I need to narrow the photos down to just 12, I needed each lotus flower to represent its month in some way.

October 2013 from my 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar

October’s lotus flower is made from a marbled paper I found at Paper Source in Portland. It reminds me of a pumpkin. July’s lotus flower is made from a paper I found at the U of O Bookstore in Eugene. It is red, white, black and gold, but it reminds me of the American flag (think 4th of July here). For February’s lotus flower, I did a graduated wash on the petals. They go from pink to pale pink to white on the tips. April showers bring May flowers. Each flower was carefully picked for its month.

2013 Paper Lotus Flower Calendar cover

It was a labor of love that had great results.

Click here if you are interested in seeing the steps involved in making a lotus flower.

You can purchase my Lotus Flower Calendars at the Ashland Art Center.

Enjoy, Candy


October 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar Page

This is what the October calendar page for my 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar looks like.

The above photo is the October page from my 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar. To me it says autumn is here, the trees are changing color and it’s time to decorate for Halloween. It’s time to put pumpkins on my doorstep and in my windows.

It’s still harvest time here. My tomatoes are still producing. I am making organic apple cider and it tastes wonderful. My paste papers are all made and waiting to be ironed and made into wonderful art. I have lots of new art ideas. As the days get shorter, I will be playing more at my drafting table in the evening.

My 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar is done. I didn’t think I could produce a better calendar than my 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar, but I believe I did. It is available at the Ashland Art Center and  will soon be available in my Etsy shop www.paperandbooks.etsy.com.

Happy autumn, Candy

Making Paste Papers: Part One

It’s Summer, which means I get to pull out my paints, cook up some archival paste, and play for days making paste papers. I only make paste papers during the summertime, because they dry so much quicker. Since I have a limited amount of space in which to work, the faster they dry, the more I can make.

This is what I use to make my paste.

I usually work with two paste recipes. The first is simply methyl cellulose and distilled water, which I use when adding gold and silver highlights. I get powdered methyl cellulose from www.danielsmith.com. Getting it to the right consistency takes about two days and lots of stirring. Once made, this paste can be used for months. The second recipe consists of wheat starch, rice flour, glycerin, tincture of green soap, and distilled water. This requires cooking, cooling, and running the paste through a sieve to remove any lumps. Even when refrigerated, this paste only has a shelf life of a week or less.

Here I am painting yellow paste on wet paper.

Once the paste is ready, I put it into small containers and add acrylic paint until I get the intensity of color that I want. I generally use Golden Acrylic paints because they’re highly pigmented; ‘a little dab’ll do ya’.

Here I have added more colors of paste and am blending them together on the paper.

If you’re working with children, and you want a simple, kid friendly recipe, you can make the paste from flour and water and use tempera paints to color the paste.

Before painting with the colored pastes, the paper needs to be wet. I have a shallow plastic storage container partially filled with water in which I can dip my paper. Now the real fun begins. After putting the wet paper on a non-porous surface and smoothing out any bubbles, I apply the colored pastes, usually with a large brush. Then I make marks, patterns, and textures in the paste with all sorts of objects. I’ve used combs, bottle caps, brushes, rubber stamps, chopsticks, various found objects, and anything else that happened to be around at the time. I also sprinkle metallic powders on some of the paste papers.

Now I am adding texture by stamping a bottle cap into the wet paste.

My favorite paper to use for this is Mohawk Superfine, which I use in a variety of weights, from text weight all the way to cover stock. It all depends on what I plan to make out of the finished paste paper. For my non-porous surface, I use glass, plexiglass, or a piece of laminate.The first day I make paste papers usually feels like a warm-up. By the second day, however, I find myself making some absolutely fantastic paste papers. Since I only do this once a year, I try to make sure the color combinations I use cover all four seasons. It feels weird to be making a ‘Winter’ paste paper on a hot summer day, wearing a tank top and shorts.

Paste paper laid flat to dry.

We’re not done yet! In Part 2, I’ll tell you what comes next, and I’ll show you some of the new paste papers I’ve made this summer.

Enjoy, Candy

P.S. Click here to view Making Paste Papers: Part Two.

September 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar Page

This is what my September 2012 Lotus Calendar page looks like.

It’s September already! Time certainly seems to be flying by this year. I am currently finishing up my 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar. I made lots of lotus flowers, photographed my favorites and sent them to my graphic designer for the final edits. Tomorrow I should have the proofs and hopefully the calendar will go to the printer on Tuesday. When it is finished it will be available at the Ashland Art Center and in my Etsy shop www.paperandbooks.etsy.com.

Enjoy, Candy

Twisted Cord Demonstration During The First Friday Art Walk

On the first Friday of the each month we have the First Friday Art Walk in Ashland, Oregon. Most all the Art Galleries in town (of which there are many) stay open late and feature lots of art, food and music. The First Friday Art Walk officially runs from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and it’s lots of fun. You can pick up maps at most of the participating Art Galleries.

I am holding the cords I made. Some of the threads and yarns I used to make them are on the drafting table beside me.

I think the best place to visit is the Ashland Art Center. It has three stories, about 9,000 square feet, a Gallery, a Photographers Gallery, a Ceramic Studio, a Printmaking Studio, a community classroom and lots of artist studios. My studio is there on the second floor. (Could I be a little prejudiced?)

Each month I demonstrate some type of art in my Studio. For July I demonstrated how to make twisted cords. There were lots of peopleand we had a great time.

Here is a close up of the twisted cords.

I use all sorts of threads and yarns to make my twisted cords. I usually add some sort of metallic threads in the cords to jazz them up. I attach these cords to a toothpick and use it to close my tiny accordion Inspiration Books via a piano hinge. I have collected sayings all my life. I put inspirational sayings into these little books, thus the name Inspiration Books.

The text on this tiny Inspiration Book says, “A hug is a great gift. One size fits all and it’s easy to exchange.”

hugs to all, Candy

2012 Lotus Flower Calendar

This 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar is my latest lotus flower creation. I came up with the idea of making a calendar out of my lotus flower photos. Then, with the help of my son, Christer Rowan of Rowan Design, together we made my idea become a reality.

Christer is a photoshop genius. He took my photos, dropped out the background and made them look more like the actual lotus flowers than I had been able to do. I decided which lotus flowers to use for each month. Red for February for Valentine’s Day, April showers bring May flowers, fireworks for July, sunflower for August, roasted turkey looking lotus flower for November, etc.

The project took longer than I expected, but I enjoyed doing it so very much. I decided on an elongated plastic CD type case/stand that shows off the lotus flower while also letting the viewer easily see the entire month.