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Steps to Make a Lotus Flower

My first step in making a Lotus Flower is to pick out the papers I want to use. It takes 12 of paper to make each Lotus Flower, 8 for the blossom and 4 for the “leaves.” I usually, but not always, pick a different colors for the blossom and leaves. Sometimes I even pick multiple colors for the blossoms.

Here are the papers I used today to make my Firestorm Lotus Flower.

12 pieces of paper are needed to make each Lotus Flower

The next step is to fold the pieces of paper.

12 pieces of paper folded and ready to make the Lotus Flower

Then I tie the folded pieces together and fold them into the Lotus Flower. The intense orange, brown and gold colors of this marbled paper remind me of a firestorm. The Lotus Flower looks to me as though it is about to ignite.

Below is the finished Lotus Flower. It takes a little over an hour, sometimes more depending on the paper, from start to finish to make a Lotus Flower.

My finished Firestorm Lotus Flower


Lotus Flower for Summer

Should I call this a bumble bee or a sunflower Lotus Flower?

It’s officially summer and I thought I should highlight a Lotus Flower that calls out Summer loud and clear. Bright, cheery and yellow, it makes me think of either a bumble bee or a sunflower.

This Lotus Flower is made of a very soft paper that reminds me of a batik. I have made this in yellow and black with yellow leaves as shown above and in green and black with green leaves. Both are striking. It is so much fun to try out new papers.

I really enjoy making at least one Lotus Flower a day. It makes me find a peaceful spot in my life for an hour or more each day. Life has been hectic for me lately and the slowing down required to make my Lotus Flowers has helped me center and remember that the most important things in life, aren’t things.

Thai Marbled Paper Lotus Flower

Vibrant purple, blue and green swirl around gold in this marbled paper creating a most beautiful lotus flower

The striking jewel colors of this Thai Unryu Momi marbled paper made this my favorite Lotus Flower of the week. Maybe it’s because these blues, purples and greens are my favorite colors that made me put it as the centerpiece on my dining table. It goes so well with the new blue placemats and napkins that got last week.

Each Lotus Flower takes about an hour to make. Once I have decided which papers I want to use, I cut twelve pieces of paper. Eight are used to make the flower portion and the other four are for the “leaves.” I then fold each of the twelve pieces of paper and tie them with waxed thread. I also make a loop on the back of each flower so a ribbon can go through it. This makes it easy to attach a Lotus Flower to a gift. I then fold and form each of the “petals” and “leaves.” I find the entire process is very calming and meditative.

Dandelion Lotus Flower

How can a dandelion look elegant? Well, this Dandelion Lotus Flower is.

Looking over the photos I have posted of my Lotus Flowers I noticed that I hadn’t posted a photo of a Lotus Flower with silver leaves. I am correcting that oversight right now. I just love this Dandelion Lotus Flower. How can a dandelion look elegant? I’m not sure, but this one does. The paper is a white cardstock weight paper, kind of soft, with gold and silver dandelions and silver glitter. I always end up with glitter on my pants and face after making these.

I tried making a Lotus Flower out of this paper on a whim. I figured that a paper as heavy as this wouldn’t work. I was ever so surprised (and very happy) that the paper worked like a charm. It has led me to try lots more papers than I otherwise would have. Some have been successes, others have not passed muster.

Marbled Paper Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower People's Choice Award for March 2011

It was hard to get a photo of this Lotus Flower since each time I made one, I sold it before I got a chance to photograph it. I am not complaining. I love the fact that people are enjoying my Lotus Flowers. I am therefore giving this Lotus Flower the People’s Choice Award for March 2011.

Playing With Transparent Papers

I love the unusual contrast here

I find it ever so hard to pick only one Lotus Flower to share here on my blog each week, so today I am including three. I have collected all sorts of decorative papers for years. I am in the process of working through my collection and making Lotus Flowers out of all sorts of different papers. It is a fun process.

I must admit that not all the papers work well. Some papers are absolute failures and end up in the recycle bin immediately. Other papers that I thought wouldn’t work sometimes turn out to be my favorites. The above photo falls into that category. The paper is an ultra thin transparent paper.

A delicate Lotus Flower perfect for a wedding decoration

Another happy surprise was this ultra thin transparent paper with with flower petals and stems in the paper. It made into a lovely delicate Lotus Flower that would be perfect for a summer wedding.

I had two “colors” of this particular paper. One of the papers had the pink flower petals that you see here and the second had pale purple flower petals. They both made lovely Lotus Flowers.

Who would have guessed brown could look so elegant?

I tried another ultra thin brown transparent paper with darker brown speckles. I am not sure the photo does it justice. It looks absolutely amazing in real life. I coupled it with a red ribbon and a red heart message inside the flower and it was ever so elegant. I never imagined I would love a brown flower. My colors preferences usually run in the blue, mauve and purple range.