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Thank You WordPress, You Have Changed My Art

Thank You WordPress

Thank You WordPress!

Dear WordPress,

I began this blog about two years ago. This will be my 40th post on this blog that you were so kind to provide for me, so obviously I am not a prolific blogger. In spite of the fact that I don’t blog a lot, as of today you’ve brought me 84 followers and an average of 25 to 30 views a day. Thank you!

What I find most exciting, is not the number of followers or the number of views, but where my views are coming from.

In the last 90 days, I’ve had people from over 70 different countries visit my blog. I find this absolutely amazing. This has changed the way I think about my art, because it makes my audience global rather than local.

Because you have allowed me to reach a global audience, I have decided to make my art available digitally. I am moving my blog to a self-hosted site and am changing my blog name to My Paper Arts (www.mypaperarts.com). Please visit and subscribe to my blog there.

In addition to my blog I’ve started a new Facebook page and my a Pinterest account. I will also be setting up a new Etsy shop where everything will be sold as digital downloads so there will be no shipping fees and my art will be available worldwide.

Thank you. And thank you, everyone who has subscribed, followed, and commented on my blog. Please join me at My Paper Arts and make my next two years even better.

Many thanks, Candy


Happy Thanksgiving

A collaboration I did with my mother. She did the Chinese brush painting and I did the brush calligraphy.

I am grateful for my loving family and friends, near and far, old and new. Thank you ALL for being so supportive of me and of each other. I am truly blessed to have you as part of my life.

Love and blessings to all, Candy

Framables™ – Beautiful Greeting Cards Designed To Be Framed

Framables™ calligraphy card. The quote says, “the heart never gets wrinkles.”

I started selling my own greeting cards back in 1980. I designed them myself using my calligraphy, and had them printed in black ink on a brown parchment-style card stock. When folded, the cards were the size of a quarter sheet of paper, a standard small greeting card.

Two of my first calligraphy greeting cards

Many people who purchased or received my cards ended up liking my calligraphy so much they would want to frame their cards and put them on display. But the cards looked out of place in standard sized frames because the frames were the wrong size for the cards. I loved it that people wanted to frame my cards, but I wished the cards would fit better in the frames.

So, when I designed my new line of greeting cards in 2008, I decided to make sure that the cards would fit in a standard frame. Thus, my new line of Framables™ was born. I’ve designed all my Framables with a colorful border around the calligraphy, which looks like a mat. The border is a scanned image of a paste paper, watercolor, or marbled paper that I have made myself.

The cards fit perfectly in a standard 5” x 7” frame or  an 8” x 10” frame with a 5” x 7” mat. Now I feel good about people framing my greeting cards.

Here is one of my Framables™ greeting cards in a double mat and an 8″ x 10″ frame. The quote says, “The difference between young and old is a fine line called a wrinkle.”

I have been  collecting quotes for as long as I can remember. Many of the quotes that became Framables™ started out as a something special that I sent to a friend.

“I wish I could wrap you up in love and take the hurt away” was a quote that I originally sent to a family friend who was ill, when we didn’t know whether or not she would recover. Thankfully, she did get better, but I had realized there was a need for cards for those who were ill and wouldn’t get better. Traditional “Get Well Soon” cards just weren’t appropriate.

“Take only one day at a time” was done for a friend after the loss of a friend’s husband.

“Happiness is everyone remembering your birthday but forgetting your age” was done for a friend who would always refuse to tell anyone her age.

Framables™ calligraphy greeting card. The quote says, “Happiness is everyone remembering your birthday but forgetting your age.”

I’m grateful that I’ve had a chance to reinvent my greeting cards and spread beauty to others. Anyone can send a greeting card, but being able to send art is special. This is one occasion where it may be better to receive than to give.

For information on how I make my paste papers that I use for many of my borders, click here for Making Paste Papers: Part One and here for Making Paste Papers: Part Two.

Hugs to all, Candy

War Is An Excuse To Kill

War In An Excuse To Kill

This is one of a series five calligraphy pieces I made, each having same quote. Each piece was done in black, red and white and measured 22″ x 30″. This is my favorite one of the series and the only one I have left.

It has been a number of years since I made this piece, but it seems as appropriate today as it was when I originally found this quote. I have now had the piece scanned and made matted prints (smaller than the original).

I tried to make this piece so that the red “war” would catch the viewers attention and invite them come close and read the words. You get an idea of what the work it about from across the room, but you don’t get the full impact unless you get up close and read the words. It was my intention to get the viewer to interact with the piece. I hoped to convey the power and emotion I felt to those who saw this piece.

When I made this War series, I made it for myself, never thinking that someone would actually want to purchase and display a calligraphy piece on war in their home. I was wrong. I sold three of the series. My sons, playing ball in the house, threw a ball into the glass of one of the pieces which ruined it. This, my favorite, I kept for myself.

Peace, Candy

Mother’s Day Accordion Book

Mother's Day accordion book closed

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, April 13 to be exact. So here is a unique and beautiful way to tell your mother she is very special to you. This accordion book is a variation of the Happy Birthday accordion book of my last blog post.

The intense purple and gold paste paper I made for the cover of this accordion book makes a positive statement before the book is ever opened. The inside of the book is watercolor paper on which I have drawn the words Happy Mothers Day, then used watercolors and embellished them with a variety of gold and black pens.

Happy Mother's Day accordion book open

This book, like the Happy Birthday book my previous post, is about 2 3/8″ wide and 3″ tall. I make these little books with a variety of messages like Thank You!, Congratulations, I Love You!, Happy Birthday, Feel Better Soon and more. My customers constantly tell me that these little books are absolutely loved by their recipients.

This book, like the Happy Birthday book in the previous post, is about 2 3/8″ wide and 3″ tall. I make these little books with a variety of messages on the inside like Thank You!, Congratulations, I Love You!, Happy Anniversary, Feel Better Soon and more. My customers constantly tell me that these little books are absolutely loved by their recipients.

I like to tell friends and loved ones I care about them on a regular basis. I have lost a few over the years, and am ever grateful that I made it a point to tell them how they enriched my life while they were still alive. Having lost some very special people in my life is perhaps why memories are so very special to me and why I am drawn to making art that either creates new memories or commemorates old ones.

hugs to all, Candy

Happy Birthday Accordion Book

Accordion book closed

This is a fun little book I made last month. I started with a paste paper that I made last summer and covered davy board with it. I just loved the color of the paste paper and how happy it made me feel. The book ties closed with gold embroidery thread and beads to match the orange of the cover.

On the inside I hand drew the letters on watercolor paper. I used watercolors in colors to match the paste paper covers. Then I embellished the letters with a variety of gold and black pens. I just love how festive it turned out.

I just love the festive colors of the open book

This book is about 2 3/8″ wide and 3″ tall. I just love making tiny books, and I especially enjoy making ones that create memories. I am sure this little book will eventually go to someone very special, create a wonderful memory and make them smile each time they look at it.

Enjoy, Candy