With calligraphy, bookbinding, pastepapers and other media, I create keepsakes for life’s special occasions. Though some people call me a “paper artist” because most of the art that

Paper artist, Candy Wooding, creates memories and celebrates life through her calligraphy, bookbinding, paste papers and other media on and with paper. Her Spirit Vessels can honor a life well lived, be a celebration of love or a look inward into the soul. Her art touches people at the heart level, the emotional part of their being. There is both a reverence for life and a joy in Candy’s artistry.

Lovingly and carefully crafted, Candy’s work conveys a view of life as seen through her lenses of loss, love and joy. There is contemplative and spiritual feeling in her work—in words, color and symbolism. Her work can be sacred or whimsical in nature, but always has intense feeling attached to it.

Candy’s art is collected internationally. Her calligraphy has recently been featured in Bound and Lettered. One of her Earth Spirit Vessels was in the International Show at 23 Sandy Gallery, Sacred|Profane. Candy has been blogging about since 2011, sharing her art, thoughts and how-to projects.

This print is a combination of my calligraphy on paste paper.

This print is a combination of my calligraphy on paste paper.


If you've been following my blog, you've seen my Earth Spirit Vessels. Many of the pieces of paper in this one are my hand painted paste papers which are painted and ironed before being folded.

Many of the pieces of paper in this Earth Spirit Vessel, Tumbleweeds,are hand painted pieces of paste paper.


Earth Spirit Vessel, Ocean Currents, is made from 544 pieces of hand-folded paper.

Earth Spirit Vessel, Ocean Currents, is made from 544 pieces of hand-folded paper. It was purchased by another artist an is now in Virginia.


This Earth Spirit Vessel is titled, Awakening.

This Earth Spirit Vessel is titled Awakening.It now resides with a couple of art collectors.


War is an excuse to kill. This is one of a series of five calligraphy pieces, all 22″ x 30″, all the same quote, all in red, black and white and all very different. This is my favorite of the series.


Here are 50 tiny boxes I made out of my handmade paste papers for a 50th wedding anniversary. The first photo is of the boxes closed, the second is of them open.


This eco-holder is made from a paperback book that was rescued from going to the dump. I thought it was a business card holder, but people have purchased my eco-holders to hold poetry, Christmas cards, to do notes and more.




5 responses to “Portfolio

  1. Candy-

    I got to your page on Facebook after I “googled” paper arts in Southern Oregon. I am in the Calligraphers Guild locally and am looking for vendors who’d be interested in attending the All Oregon Calligraphers Conference (AOCC) to be held in October at Stevenson Union on the SOU campus. Our guild is sponsoring the AOCC this year & next. Your work is awesome & would be perfect for what we are looking for. We expect around 200 people to attend from all over the state & some from Northern Calif. I believe a 4×8 table costs $35.00. Our guest speaker is Louis Lemoine, head graphic designer for Disney Imagineers. Let me know if you’d be interested & I can give you more details by emailing me.

    Thanks & hoping to hear from you!
    Patty Kelley

  2. With joy I’m going to follow your paper art work.

  3. Thank you for the like and follow on my blog. Your work is amazing! I’ll be checking back often to see what new creative works you post.
    Namaste, Betina

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