Studio Under Mini Renovation

My studio is undergoing a mini renovation. It started with a wonderful find of a really tall shelving display unit with seven adjustable glass shelves. The only problem was that the space I wanted to put it had a major step and I couldn’t attach the shelving unit to the wall. I got permission to rebuild the wall. Well, things always seem to take longer than expected.

This is going to be my new wall.

The First Friday Art Walk is in less than three days and I really want my studio back in working order by then. Paul assures me that he can have my wall finished and the shelving unit attached to the wall by 5 pm on Friday. I may be painting the wall Friday morning and hopefully it will have time enough to dry.

The dry wall for the wall is being cut.

Paul already made me a shelf/desk that sits over the stairs. I love it! When I got the opportunity to have a little more studio space I invited him to join me in my studio. He hasn’t decided what he wants to make yet. I am keeping him too busy building walls and shelves for him to do much art right now.

My new shelf/desk that Paul designed and built.

Art Walk starts at 5 pm on Friday. If you’re in the area, please stop by.

Enjoy, Candy



One response to “Studio Under Mini Renovation

  1. It’s my dream to be able to display all my origami and crafts too. Your work is magnificent and they look superb on display.

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