War Is An Excuse To Kill

War In An Excuse To Kill

This is one of a series five calligraphy pieces I made, each having same quote. Each piece was done in black, red and white and measured 22″ x 30″. This is my favorite one of the series and the only one I have left.

It has been a number of years since I made this piece, but it seems as appropriate today as it was when I originally found this quote. I have now had the piece scanned and made matted prints (smaller than the original).

I tried to make this piece so that the red “war” would catch the viewers attention and invite them come close and read the words. You get an idea of what the work it about from across the room, but you don’t get the full impact unless you get up close and read the words. It was my intention to get the viewer to interact with the piece. I hoped to convey the power and emotion I felt to those who saw this piece.

When I made this War series, I made it for myself, never thinking that someone would actually want to purchase and display a calligraphy piece on war in their home. I was wrong. I sold three of the series. My sons, playing ball in the house, threw a ball into the glass of one of the pieces which ruined it. This, my favorite, I kept for myself.

Peace, Candy


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