Thai Marbled Paper Lotus Flower

Vibrant purple, blue and green swirl around gold in this marbled paper creating a most beautiful lotus flower

The striking jewel colors of this Thai Unryu Momi marbled paper made this my favorite Lotus Flower of the week. Maybe it’s because these blues, purples and greens are my favorite colors that made me put it as the centerpiece on my dining table. It goes so well with the new blue placemats and napkins that got last week.

Each Lotus Flower takes about an hour to make. Once I have decided which papers I want to use, I cut twelve pieces of paper. Eight are used to make the flower portion and the other four are for the “leaves.” I then fold each of the twelve pieces of paper and tie them with waxed thread. I also make a loop on the back of each flower so a ribbon can go through it. This makes it easy to attach a Lotus Flower to a gift. I then fold and form each of the “petals” and “leaves.” I find the entire process is very calming and meditative.


3 responses to “Thai Marbled Paper Lotus Flower

  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
    Please stop by and say hi!

  2. Carol Browning

    Do you teach beginners how to do this? I need more hands-on instruction than written directions, and would like to learn to make lotus flowers.

    • I haven’t taught how to make lotus flowers because I want all my students to be able to be successful. This is not something that is easy to make. It took me over two weeks to get to where I was happy with my results. The closest I get to teaching them is demonstrating on First Friday Art Walks. I will be demonstrating making paste papers in August and September and the lotus flowers in October.

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