Dandelion Lotus Flower

How can a dandelion look elegant? Well, this Dandelion Lotus Flower is.

Looking over the photos I have posted of my Lotus Flowers I noticed that I hadn’t posted a photo of a Lotus Flower with silver leaves. I am correcting that oversight right now. I just love this Dandelion Lotus Flower. How can a dandelion look elegant? I’m not sure, but this one does. The paper is a white cardstock weight paper, kind of soft, with gold and silver dandelions and silver glitter. I always end up with glitter on my pants and face after making these.

I tried making a Lotus Flower out of this paper on a whim. I figured that a paper as heavy as this wouldn’t work. I was ever so surprised (and very happy) that the paper worked like a charm. It has led me to try lots more papers than I otherwise would have. Some have been successes, others have not passed muster.


One response to “Dandelion Lotus Flower

  1. Candy –

    I found this page by way of the internet. I’m with the Calligraphers Guild based in Ashland & am searching for vendors who make & sell paper arts who’d be interested in attending the All Oregon Calligraphers Conference (AOCC) which my guild is hosting this October & October 2013. It will be held @ Stevenson Union on SOU campus. A 4 x 8 table is $35.00. Our guest speaker is Louis Lemoine, head graphic artist at Disney Imagineers. Your work is exactly what we’re looking for in vendors so I hope you’ll consider this. I can give you more details if you’re interested. My cell phone is 541-261-0321.

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