Playing With Transparent Papers

I love the unusual contrast here

I find it ever so hard to pick only one Lotus Flower to share here on my blog each week, so today I am including three. I have collected all sorts of decorative papers for years. I am in the process of working through my collection and making Lotus Flowers out of all sorts of different papers. It is a fun process.

I must admit that not all the papers work well. Some papers are absolute failures and end up in the recycle bin immediately. Other papers that I thought wouldn’t work sometimes turn out to be my favorites. The above photo falls into that category. The paper is an ultra thin transparent paper.

A delicate Lotus Flower perfect for a wedding decoration

Another happy surprise was this ultra thin transparent paper with with flower petals and stems in the paper. It made into a lovely delicate Lotus Flower that would be perfect for a summer wedding.

I had two “colors” of this particular paper. One of the papers had the pink flower petals that you see here and the second had pale purple flower petals. They both made lovely Lotus Flowers.

Who would have guessed brown could look so elegant?

I tried another ultra thin brown transparent paper with darker brown speckles. I am not sure the photo does it justice. It looks absolutely amazing in real life. I coupled it with a red ribbon and a red heart message inside the flower and it was ever so elegant. I never imagined I would love a brown flower. My colors preferences usually run in the blue, mauve and purple range.


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