January 2011 – Lotus Flower Project

My first flowers were red with green leaves

In December, while recovering from a sprained and broken ankle, I taught myself to make hand folded lotus flowers using twelve pieces of paper. I find it wonderfully meditative and peaceful.

On January 1, I started making at least one lotus flower every day. I want to keep making lotus flowers every day for the entire year and see how they change over time. It will be a year long journey as I play with color, papers, texture, size and more. Please join me and watch the progress.


2 responses to “January 2011 – Lotus Flower Project

  1. I’m thrilled to have found your blog today. I’m an origami fan and I’ve made many items with 12 pieces of paper (or more) before. But I haven’t made this lotus yet. I’m keen to find out the steps to make it.

    Lotus is symbolic in Chinese culture.

    I admire your determination to achieve so many lotus flowers over the years. I’m not the kind of person who promises to make 1000 cranes — though I can make them.

    Your blog is inspiring. I love your choice of colours too.

    Please keep it up! I’m a huge fan!

    • Thank you, Janet. I’m so glad to have found your blog too. I guess what I do is not technically origami because it’s not out of a single piece of paper. Still, I love playing with all sorts of paper in a variety of ways.

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